My holistic perspective  is  derived from the Hermetic tradition which holds the idea that spirit comes through the soul to manifest on Earth.  The individual soul is tender, thrust into the world as a consequence of two people coming together, developing over time to face the daily challenge of processing experience through emotions, thoughts, and will.   There is magic in that!  Body, soul, and spirit comprise the dynamic triumverate that lays the foundation for wellness.  

 I have been exploring psychospiritual development since 1968.  I hold  full Astrology certifications from NCGR (Lv. 4), ISAR (CAP), and the Church of Light (Teacher of Hermetics), and Spiritual Development Mentorship Certification  from ARE/Atlantic University.  I also hold traditional academic degrees in Psychology, Writing, and Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration on Counseling Psychology and Adult Development. There are many techniques and approaches in the field of Astrology; I have a steady practice of professional development that explores the range.  Other areas of transformational learning that include  holistic health, energy work,  archetypal studies, contemporary spirituality, shamanism, astronomy,  and relationship studies, which augment and deepen astrological research and practice.  

Urania Observes
Urania Observes (Judges v. 20) Frontispiece E. Sibly A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences London 1796-1806