My consulting objective is to increase the awareness of natural rhythms and predictable cycles of the planets, so they can be used as resources in the process of becoming.  I am deeply curious about the biopsychospiritual links in human development across the lifespan.  Focusing on multivalent manifestations and possibilities that support the individuation process, I provide horoscopic analysis for adults, work with parents to gain insight into guiding children, prepare baby charts for newborns, consult on relational compatibility, and do horary and electional charts.  I am available for single astrological sessions, focused consecutive sessions, mentoring sessions for personal and spiritual development, and private classes.  

Astrology is not palm reading, psychic reading, or channeling.  Astrology is a logical system based on the premise that the beginning of something has significance, and that there is a correspondence between what occurs in the sky and what occurs on Earth.  The natal horoscope is a picture of the sky at the beginning of the individual's life;  the movement of the planets over time is what Astrology describes.  For a natal interpretation, birth data needed includes the date, time, and place of birth.  Time recorded on a birth certificate, baby book, or in family archives are good sources.  For more information, contact me here.