The Hermetic maxim states: As above, so below;  as within, so without;  as the universe, so the soul.  It evolved from the details of the Emerald Tablet,  attributed to Hermes Trismegistus.  Hermes was considered  "thrice great", for  having attained knowledge of  Alchemy (the operation of the Sun), Astrology (the operation of the stars), and  Theurgy/Divine Magic (the operation of the gods).   The correlation between the sky's major transits, and the impact on  the individual can be referred to as "spiritual alchemy".  

Astrology, the operation of the stars,  works with the horoscope, a symbol of transformation.  The horoscope in Western Astrology  is a mandala, a circle, a whole.  Wholeness is an  integrating principle in the process of individuation, and wholeness begins with the inner exploration of the soul, that uniquely personal factor that includes the mind, the emotions, and the actions-based will.  The Hermetic Formulary addresses wholeness this way:  body, soul, and spirit=Ascendant, Moon, Sun.  The message is clear:  Be whole, be well, and allow  your essence to bring forth spirit. The quiet journey inward inspires, expands life force energy, and increases harmony with the Divine. Harmony generates  truth, beauty, and goodness which can then be taken out into the world. Many energies have birthed us into where we are right now:  the  space of expanding consciousness and an evolutionary agenda.  Some of the recent factors are: the 26,000 year  Shifting of the Ages, from Pisces to Aquarius;  the Great Mutation shift into the air element, after 200 years in earth,  with the 20 year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at  0 Aquarius on December 22, 2020; the 4 pass Saturn-Uranus square aspect during 2021 and 22;  the 3 pass US Pluto Return of 2022, reverberating into 2024; the conjunction of  Uranus and North Node in July-August, 2022; the ingress of Saturn into Pisces on March 7, 2023, and the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius on March 23, 2023.   It isn't just one thing.  Growth  is constant with many factors at play.  We are in the soup of change, on a slow simmer that is happening right now.  One thing to consider is how is the role of Astrology is shifting.  Will it, as some say, become more practical and applicable to the  world of 3D consensus reality, such that more  people  will begin operating at a 5D + level, with greater skills and capacities? Will people become their own astrologers?  Will people simply broaden their view of the world to include Astrology as a household word, not "for entertainment only", but for real world application?  Let us continue to use it for good, for greater understanding, and for humanity's growth, but let us also protect the sacred found at the core of this curriculum,  as we move into the future, and  blend the old with the new.