The Hermetic maxim states: As above, so below;  as within, so without;  as the universe, so the soul.  It evolved from the details of the Emerald Tablet,  attributed to Hermes Trismegistus.  Hermes was considered  "thrice great", for  having attained knowledge of  Alchemy (the operation of the Sun), Astrology (the operation of the stars), and  Theurgy/Divine Magic (the operation of the gods).   The correlation between the sky's major transits, and the impact on  the individual can be referred to as "spiritual alchemy".  

Astrology, the operation of the stars,  works with the horoscope, a symbol of transformation.  The horoscope in Western Astrology  is a mandala, a circle, a whole.  Wholeness is an  integrating principle in the process of individuation, and wholeness begins with the inner exploration of the personality vis-a-vis the soul in relation to spirit.   The Hermetic Formulary addresses wholeness this way:  body, soul, and spirit=Ascendant, Moon, Sun.    The message is clear:  Be whole, be well, and allow  your essence to bring forth spirit. The quiet journey inward inspires, expands life force energy, and increases harmony with the Divine. Harmony generates  truth, beauty, and goodness which can then be taken out into the world. This wholeness is the aim of the  life altering energies of the  planets, on both the personality and the soul levels.  We are living in the swirl of an evolutionary agenda.  The transcendent structures are taking shape, requiring  everyone to bringing their whole, coherent self forward for the good of humanity.