The  beginning of something has significance, and what happens in the sky relates to what happens on Earth.  The process of becoming whole involves working with the planets in stages of initiation.  First, there are the personal planets to be integrated, held in check by Saturn. Next is the crossing over the Centaur bridge, where Chiron leads to the transpersonal planets, bodies that require awakening, flow, and presence.  This phase of initiation  is held in check by Pluto.  The third phase pushes out to the new level boundary of Sedna, the spirit territory. Understanding these dynamic energies, as demonstrated through the ever-changing cosmic weather, encourages greater ability to live connected to purpose and meaning.  Establishing connection to the energy source and simultaneously remaining grounded--As Above, So Below--gives a sense of true location. The key ingredients for this celestial navigation,  are listed here with current longitudinal position, and are updated at each New Moon. 


The Sun is the Invincible Spirit. So great is this universal wonder that it must come in small doses, distributed as it travels around the 360 degrees of the Zodiac over the course of a year.  The Sun's position symbolizes the active presence of the Divine.  At this New Moon, the Sun is at 20 Aquarius 40.  The Sun is moving North along the analemma, and with this movement, there is increasing light, most visible since the cross-quarter day of Imbolc on February 4.  With things beginning to stir underground, and the witchhazel  blooming above, there is a bit of excitement in the air--moments of fresh air, and joy at the Sun's noticeable return to bless humanity once again with bright clarity against the stark remains of winter. 


 The Moon is the Receiver, catching emotional attachments, hooks, and patterns. The Moon receives and moves through her angular relationship with the Sun over the course of the month, reflecting the Sun's invincible spirit through her silver light.   The Moon delights in shape-shifting, and  in the repetitive ebb and flow from night to day and  from New to Full in predictable sequence.   We see this dance every month, beginning at the New Moon, timed for the Moon's alignment with the Sun, where Soul is connected with Spirit.  The current New Moon  occurs on February 9, 2024 at 20 Aquarius 40.  Choice is a keyword, as all the planets are held in a trine between Venus and Uranus.  Intuitive grace  is present. The Sabian Symbol for this degree reads as follows: A woman is disappointed as a man leaves her boudoir.

HIGHLIGHTS 2023-2024
We have had 5 years of historic change (2019-2023). In 2024,  things rev up in April, the month of anticipation.  First, there is Mercury, turning Rx. at 27 + Aries on April 1.  Then, there is the Total Solar Eclipse across the US on April 8, 2024 (19+ Aries).  Then, there is the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20, at 21 Taurus 49, a Eureka! moment.   Saturn, now Direct in the early degrees of Pisces, suggests redemptive repair. Neptune is reiterative at the late degrees of Pisces, emphasizing the need to approach the unconscious and befriend the archetypal energies found therein.  To do so requires a dissolving of what is no longer necessary or valid and Pluto supports this, wrapping up the restructuring begun in 2008, with the movement into Aquarius on January 20.  This is temporary, however, with a recoiling Rx in early May.  Direct again by mid-October, Pluto will be at the anaretic degree through the US presidential election,  after which full engagement in Aquarius begins on November 19.  2024 looks promising for manifesting solid, evolutionary change in many areas.  Stay alert and work well  with these potent energies, focusing on truth, beauty, and goodness. 


Eclipses occur in pairs or trios.  Though the visual effect occurs on the day of,  the influence can be felt before, during, and after, covering an immediate  period  of 6-8 weeks (the eclipse season),  and also up to 6 months.  The  energies can be touched off at various times, depending on the location of the Moon's nodal axis, the Sun, the Moon, or Mars.   Solar eclipses occur at New Moons, when the Moon eclipses  or blocks the Sun, so that there is an eerie  shadow cast on the Earth's surface, as the emotional reactions overpower logic, with new beginning suggested.  Lunar eclipses occur at Full Moons, when the  Earth passes between the opposing Sun and the Moon,  creating a shadow across the Full Moon, highlighting the mundane impact of the emotional landscape, suggesting endings.   The exactitude of the alignment defines the type (total, annular, partial, appulse).   Eclipses resonate  at different levels of consciousness.  Because eclipses involve the alignments of the Sun, the Moon, and the Nodal Axis, eclipses have a "destiny" quality to them. While there is a personal impact, with the position in the Zodiac  determining focus, the mundane impact is obvious in the making of  history. The trigger point date for sensitivity of the degree  is often before or after the exact date, hence eclipse seasons of elongated influence.  Eclipses are tied to the Lunar Nodes, and are often triggered by them.  The Nodal cycle is 18.6 years;  the Nodes spend approximately 1.5 years in a sign pair.  The 2023 and 2024 Eclipses are listed below, as there are echoes, as placements build on each other:

  • May 5, 2023            Lunar Eclipse  at    14 SC 58             Activated before (September 10, 2022)
  • October 14, 2023    Solar Eclipse   at    21 LI 08              Activates after (December 31, 2023)* *Note:  This eclipse falls at a tight opposition (within 1 degree 43 minutes) of the upcoming 2nd Great American Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024 at 19 AR 24.  This 2024 eclipse will traverse the US and crisscross with the earlier Great American Solar Eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017 at 28+ Leo (in the area around  Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky)
  • October 28, 2023   Lunar Eclipse  at     5 TA 09              Activated before (March 6, 2023) 

    Next Up:

  • Mar 25, 2024     Lunar Eclipse  at  5 LI 07            Activated after (Nov. 20, 2024)
  • April 8, 2024*        Total Solar      at     19 AR 24             Activated before (January 21, 2024, when  Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius on the 20th, giving more blast to the sky.) 
  • Sept. 17, 2024         Lunar Eclipse at     25 PI 41               Activated after (May 14, 2025)
  • Oct. 2, 2024            Solar Eclipse  at      10 LI 04               Activated before (July 10, 2024)



 Mercury  is the communicator.    Mercury has 3-4 Retrograde (Rx) cycles every year, each lasting approximately 3 weeks, and each offering a period of reflection, recalibration, revision, and resolution, as Mercury and the Sun exchange the message of a particular degree of the Zodiac. Mercury aims to make connections and move on.  Clever, agile, and appreciative of humor,  Mercury will bring wisdom to the conversation with light and good will. At this New Moon,  Mercury is Direct at 7 + Aquarius In this exalted position, brilliance appears like fireworks.  Mercury turns Retrograde on April 1.


Venus refines, evaluates, and strives to make ideals real.  Her cycle is complex and mysterious, beginning while Retrograde as an Evening Star, moving through conjunctions with the Sun, and shifting from Evening Star to Morning Star, and back. This cycle recalibrates Venus' relationship to the Sun. At this New Moon, Venus is a Morning Star, calm and rushing  into love and life for 9 months, epitomizing the feminine as the container of gestation, until her next Exterior Conjunction in June.  At this New Moon, Venus is at 21 + Capricorn.  She calls for order and dignity, please.


Mars  is the warrior on a mission, with  energy that can pierce and penetrate in swift motion.  At this New Moon, Mars is still exalted at  27+ Capricorn, travelling slightly ahead of Venus zodiacally.  Give Mars something to do, and you won't be sorry.  Get the projects done!


Jupiter  is the wise guru, the planet of expansion.   Jupiter has the big picture, and functions best as a problem solver, planner, project manager.  Jupiter has the vision and wants to take the leaps needed to create something big and wonderful. Jupiter is Direct, at 8+ Taurus, still some degrees away from the April 20 conjunction with Uranus. Proceed with  solid grounding and practicality as a focus.   Anything is possible--make it real, and make it mean something.

4. Saturn Random
Saturn, Random Road Sign, ERozan 2023

Saturn is the  planet that sets limitations and boundaries, while offering a karmic payback if necessary. Saturn relates to time, records, the destiny of earth experience, and often presents challenges. Saturn is Direct and  stands at 7+ Pisces at this New Moon. Here, Saturn offers  this: to stand with heart open  in compassion and empathy for the next 2.5 years, without rescuing, fixing,  saving, or setting anyone straight.  No persecution or victimization is allowed, but kindness furthers.  Joined in Pisces with Neptune, there can be a sensation of everything dissolving or crumbling to make room for the new. Saturn's reminders of limits and boundaries can be found everywhere, and even in the most unexpected places. 


Representing the archetype of the  Wounded Healer, Chiron is a minor planet/comet/dwarf planet located  between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. Sometimes referred to as the key to the soul, and  representing audacious attempts, pushing forward despite the wounds, it  forms  a bridge between the Chaldean limits represented by Saturn and the transpersonal realm represented by Uranus. Chiron encourages processing and integration. Holistic healing methods can be helpful, considering this quote from Rumi:  "The wound is the place where the Light enters you."  Chiron has a 50 year eccentric orbit and is currently at 16 + Aries. (The US, with a  20 AR 08 Chiron position, is having this return as well as the Pluto return.)   


Where the inner planets represent aspects of personality development in the life project, the outer planets push us toward the transpersonal and provide a collective container for the development of consciousness.  The twists and turns of these bodies facilitate our evolution, sometimes disturbing peace of mind.  Uranus, the Awakener, transforms as it brings in intuitive consciousness.  Uranus entered the sign of Taurus in March, 2019, and will remain there for  7 years, clarifying security, practicality, resources, and values.  Uranus provides energy to break traditions and calibrate revolutionary ideas.  Technology, one domain of Uranus,  continues to amaze, and is becoming more practical, and therefore seen as necessary. At this New Moon, Uranus is Rx, at 19 + Taurus. 

Nebulous Neptune, with its emphasis on psychic or spiritual consciousness, aims to dissolve and  transcend,  bringing  the vicissitudes of the tides forward to be dissolved. Neptune is diving further into the oceanic fog where the  gems of spiritual truths can surface.  Neptune's ethereal nature continues to deliver the surreal dreamlike kaleidoscope of the shifting reality.  At this New Moon, Neptune is now Direct, at 26 + Pisces. 

Unequivocal Pluto, with it focus on psychological consciousness,  aligns with the principle of metamorphosis.  Small but mighty, Pluto has been steamrolling the reality we once knew.  Pluto made three contacts with the US Pluto (27 Capricorn 32 Rx) in 2022: February 20:  the Russian attack on Ukraine; July 11: worldwide economic stress; and Dec. 28, 2022: the need for an ending.  But the ending seems to be nowhere in sight, with the Rx natal placement, coupled with the late degree.  A brief relief was felt when Pluto moved into Aquarius in March, 2023, but his Rx turn back into Capricorn in June, 2023 quickly put that to rest.  The work is not over yet!  Pluto turned Direct at 27 Capricorn 53 on October 10, 2023 to begin another journey thorugh the last three degrees of Capricorn, to approach Aquarius once again. On the world stage, the focus  shifted to Israel and to the issue of displacement on many levels, with much collateral damage. Pluto reached forward into  Aquarius on January 20, 2024 and relief was felt again only to be met with deeper conflict.  Pluto doesn't get far...relentlessly, Pluto retrogrades  back one final time on  May 1, 2024, to sit at the  last degree of Capricorn in September and October, 2024.  Last (or anaretic) degrees portend extreme outcomes, often of a destructive nature, for karmic completion.  Capricorn's anaretic 29 degree is one of collecting, as in a debt. On October 12,  Pluto turns Direct again and moves finally and solidly into Aquarius on November 19, 2024. At that time, the US presidential election will have taken place.  At this New Moon, Pluto is now Direct at 0+ Aquarius.

Dragon crop
Dragon at Cape Ann Museum, ERozan 2023

The transiting Lunar Nodes, representing the dragon's head and tail, travel backwards  and function in polarity, emphasizing a particular section of the Zodiac to work with.  Rudhyar described the nodal line as a fateful, destined space.  The Nodal Axis has shifted into the Aries-Libra polarity;  self vs. other, assertion vs. compromise; alone vs. together are the themes in balance.  At this New Moon, NNode is at 17+ Aries Rx;  SNode is at 17 + Libra Rx.

The four major asteroids are located in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and because of this placement in the planetary line-up,  offer further insight into aspects of  personality. Names after female goddesses, they are associated with feminine consciousness.

  • Ceres  (1801) is associated with fertility, nurturing, and agriculture.  Ceres has a 4.6 yr. orbital period, and is currently transiting Direct at 0+ Capricorn
  • Pallas (1802) is associated with warrior-type strength and conviction, wisdom, and cool-headed judgment.  Pallas has a 4.62 yr. orbital period, and is currently transiting Direct at 1+ Sagittarius
  • Juno  (1805) is associated with marriage and the role of the wife. Juno has a 4.35 yr. orbital period, and is currently transiting at 19 Virgo + Rx. 
  • Vesta (1807) is associated with home and hearth, self-sufficiency, and investments. Vesta has a 3.63 yr orbital period, and is currently Direct at 21+ Gemini.

DWARF PLANETS (also known as Trans Neptunian Objects) orbit the Sun.  Their orbital periods are extreme, as they are located in the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune. There are currently 10 Dwarf Planets that have been added to the astrological lexicon.  As with previous planetary discoveries, their discovery over the last 20 years has brought forth new awareness and resonance with aspects of consciousness. Diverse and global, they are listed alphabetically below:

  • Eris (2005): Greek; Justice.  Current location is 24 + Aries.
  • GongGong (2007): Chinese; Integration. Current location is 5 + Pisces.
  • Haumea (2005): Hawaiian; Motherly Commitment. Current location is  2 + Scorpio Rx. 
  • Ixion (2001): Greek; Shadow Self/Ego. Current location is 5+ Capricorn. 
  • MakeMake (2005): Easter Island; Manifestation.  Current location is 10+ Libra Rx.
  • Orcus (2004): Roman; Taking Stock.  Current location is 15+ Virgo Rx. 
  • Quaoar (2002): Native American; Omnibenificence.  Current location is 9+ Capricorn. 
  • Salacia (2004): Roman; Presence. Current location is 8+ Aries.
  • Sedna (2003): Inuit; Transcendence.  Current location is 29+ Taurus Rx.
  • Varuna (2000): Hindu; Good Citizenship. Current location is 7 + Leo Rx.