My holistic perspective  is  derived from the Hermetic tradition which holds the idea that spirit comes through the soul to manifest on Earth.  The individual soul is tender territory, facing  the daily challenge of processing experience through emotions, thoughts, and will.   My consulting objective is to increase the awareness of natural rhythms and predictable cycles of the planets in order to increase the capacity to use these energies as resources.  Body, soul, and spirit comprise  the dynamic triumverate that lays the foundation for wellness. I am deeply curious about the biopsychospiritual links in human development across the lifespan.  I focus on archetypal energies and their multivalent manifestations to support the individuation process. The process of co-creating a conscious plan of action  supports continued development and transformation. 

 I have been exploring psychospiritual development since 1968.  I hold  full astrology certifications from NCGR (Lv. 4), ISAR (CAP), and the Church of Light (Teacher of Hermetics), and Spiritual Development Mentorship Certification (ARE/Atlantic University).  I also hold traditional academic degrees in Psychology, Writing, and Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration on Adult Development. My work is informed by an eclectic array of dynamic philosophical traditions and practices that include Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Hermetics, Transcendentalism, Edgar Cayce Spirituality, Depth Psychology (Jungian and Transpersonal), Gestalt Therapy, Eastern Mysticism (Self-Realization Fellowship), and Native American perspectives.  I have a steady practice of ongoing professional development coursework that includes many dimensions of transformational learning including Astrology, holistic health, energy work,  archetypal studies, relationship studies, and family systems. 

I provide horoscopic analysis for adults, work with parents to gain insight into guiding children,  prepare baby charts for newborns, consult on relational compatibility charts, and do horary and electional charts.   I am available for single astrological sessions, focused consecutive sessions using various tools,  and mentoring for personal and spiritual development.  

Urania Observes
Urania Observes (Judges v. 20) Frontispiece E. Sibly A New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences London 1796-1806