educating the curious about Astrology


THE WORLD NEEDS  individuated, interdependent, whole humans, able to step forward  in kindness and courage,  with integrity and strength.  The purpose of Natural Rhythms Consulting is to educate the curious about Astrology as a path toward this end.  Based on the assumptions that the beginning of something has significance and that there is a relationship between the sky and the Earth, Astrology reveals a sacred trust mapped out in a unique pattern of the horoscope that symbolizes one's life project.  It is not the only way to gain insight, but it is one way  to explore strategies of  becoming.  Astrology is an entrance to the wondrous world of psychospiritual (consciousness) development, through the placement and cycles of the planets.  By bringing the insights of perennial wisdom to bear on current challenges depicted in the horoscope map, Astrology offers a tool to develop strategies and structures for personal transformation.  

Elizabeth Rozan, Astrologer